Choosing aneco-friendly packaging line doesn’t mean to give up quality and design. Thanks to continuous research in production and the expertise of the Premi Studio team, we have created high quality packaging solutions, paying attention to every details and decorations: the result is bottles and jars ideal for trendy cosmetics, created with a view to development and conscious resource consumption.


Reduce, reuse and recycle are three key concepts which drive our mission and motivate us to a sustainable commitment in the cosmetic packaging sector .
Starting from the Design Consciousness concept, we design our packaging in order to have the lowest environmental impact: for this reason, we use eco-friendly materials, we propose refill packaging solutions to be reused and we make bottles and jars, whose components are easily separable allowing consumers to dispose of them correctly.


Premi invests energy and resources in the research of eco-compatible materials with a view to sustainability and conscious resources consumption. We offer bottles and jars in different sizes and accessories, made of fully recyclable bio-based plastic Biobased pe, produced with lower CO2 emissions, is a bioplastic obtained from renewable resources such as sugar cane and has the same mechanical characteristics as standard plastics.

Find out on online catalogue the green pack collections, marked with the symbol RE – RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT.