Every year Premi Beauty Industries invests energy and resources in new technologies and innovation. In a world increasingly projected towards a 4.0 company model, we are convinced that the most interesting projects come from the partnership with our suppliers and from the synergy with our customers. That’s why Premi Poland was born, a new production facility specialized in packaging decoration, with 16 million bottles decorated each year. Our dedicated team of specialists follows the production step by step and is able to best advise our customers by showing them different decorating techniques and various customization options such as screen printing, hot stamping, metallization, etching, and painting. They also demonstrate innovative decoration methods like 3D inkjet on glass, for which we have the world exclusive in the field of make-up and which has led us to win prestigious awards: for example, at the last Cosmopack Awards in Bologna, Premi Beauty Industries received the award for packaging & design for 3D inkjet decoration on our Miracle glass jar.