Fragrance, concept and packaging design are combined in the ready-to-goproposal by Premi lab team. Discover the Infusion 100 ml glass bottle presented with 3 different customizations that emphasize the distinctive features of each fragrance: the ethereal femininity and energy with the holographic hot stamping for the Beautech fragrance, color block and contrasts for the Cheeky Soul unisex fragrance and warm, soft and earthy colors for the Into the Land man proposal inspired by the earth. The Infusion glass bottle is available also in 30 and 50 ml sizes and in 200 ml size for the home fragrance.


Character and femininity make Beautech a modern and easy-to-wear fragrance of the fruity floral group. The top notes lead us in a dreamlike journey between sky and greenery and open the way to the flowery heart of the fragrance. A sophisticated accord of jasmine, rose and lily of the valley declares the triumph of the woman on the grind in everyday life. The base notes give the scent a gracefuland fresh after feeling.


Boldness, irreverence and daring, this is the essence of Cheeky Soul. Cheeky Soul is a Premi’s ready to go solution for the fragrance market, a unisex fragrance of the aromatic citrusy group. Lemon and cedar give it verve andsparkle. while the full and rich note oflabdanum combined withcoffee, dry amber and smoke give it a sensual and enveloping touch.


Into the Land, fragrance of the woody citrusy group, is intense, enveloping and sparkling. This perfume speaks about lands through a core in which the dry note of cedar wood clashes with the nuances of patchouli. The base notes narrate the story of the underbrush, made of ground, wood and damp leaves but with a fresh twist thanks to vetiver.