Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries adds to the catalogue two new accessories for skincare and makeup: Twenty and Twenty four, two mono-material double wall capsules in PP with screw neck.

Having the same dimensions, they may look identical externally, but the inner screw cap is what differentiates them and it is their neck, 20/400 and 24/410 they need to thank for their own names!


In these pictures, the Twenty and Twenty four caps are paired with some bottles from our Sky, Pure and Heavy collections.

Using different reducers, these caps can be combined with a much wider variety of bottles in our catalogue and therefore they serve various purposes, from face and body skincare treatments to makeup products.


Twenty and Twenty four caps can be personalized with screen printing, hot stamping or metallization. Here, they were made in pastel green master and decorated with white screen printing to match the bottles. This type of personalization makes them ideal for skincare products with eco-friendly formulas and ingredients of natural origins.