Premi Beauty Industries are delighted to have been selected by New Zealand Secret to produce the packaging for their first skin care line. The extensive new range features a cleansing milk, a facial toner, a serum, and an anti-aging cream for both day and night.

Premi Studio, the creative team behind Premi, suggested using luxury packaging for the products to capture New Zealand Secret’s brand philosophy, which focuses on nature, harmony, and balance. In order to achieve this, black and gold have been used as the primary colours to ensure that the packaging is distinctive, with a matte paint used for vases and flacons and gold hot stamping used to embellish the pack. In addition, the packaging uses wooden accessories to reflect the company’s consideration for the environment and in response to the pressure being placed on brands to act responsibly.

Semi-custom is one of the many solutions that Premi offers to those wishing to create a unique product starting from a standard collection. For this project in particular, New Zealand Secret’s brand logo (a stylized leaf) became a truly distinctive feature when engraved on the top of the wooden accessories.

The world of beauty is expected to see more and more solutions such as those offered by the Premi Studio team, all of which are the perfect mix of design, refinement, innovation, and sustainability.