We are proud to have worked with one of the best cosmetic creators on the market for a unique line of liquid eyeshadows in 6 different colors, so that you can create both warm and cool palettes. As part of our Makeup in Glass collection, the Premi Formula team selected Art Cosmetics’ Crimeshadow formula to be matched with our Vip 5 ml glass bottle with flocked applicator.

Our Vip 5 ml glass bottle with Extra Vip aluminum cap and flocked applicator is the perfect packaging for a liquid eyeshadow to be always carried for a last-minute touch-up. The packaging’s high-quality glass adds value to the finished product, increasing its perceived value, while this creamy and rich eyeshadow dresses the eyelids with an ultra-pearly layer of color from the first stroke.


The flocked applicator with its iconic soft tip allows a more precise and even application while the texture is super adherent and perfect for playing with different shades. Thanks to Art Cosmetics’ special formulation, Crimeshadow turns into a smooth and subtle veil that lasts very long: your consumer can enjoy this eyeshadow in different finishes ranging from matte, to pearl and metallic!