Premi Beauty Industries presents the match of Tech 30 ml airless bottle with the IN BLOSSOM TONICformula.
This well-balanced match has been chosen from the Premi lab library, where you can find a wide selection of “ready to go solutions”, our best mix and match between formula and packaging picked by our team offormula experts in collaboration with the main market players.


An innovative gel texture and a double action formula: while you use it as a cleanser to remove makeup and impurities, it will restore the tone of the skin, giving it emollience and hydration. Enjoy the extreme freshness of a makeup remover and the soothing, restoring action of a lotion in one gesture thanks to itsblend of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile and cucumber extracts.


The Tech 30 ml, an airless mono material bottle in PP, therefore easy recyclable, helps protecting the formula from external contaminationsand allows the customer to have a precise dosage of the IN BLOSSOM TONIC lotion!