Design and elegance are combined in Vip Squared glass bottles, the ideal packagings for skincare, make-up and fragrance products. Available in 5 and 10 ml sizes, they are characterized by a thick glass bottom that highlights the formulation but at the same time allows you to preserve them at their best.


The 5 and 10 ml Vip Squared bottles are versatile packaging thanks to the different accessories available. It is possible to combine them with the spray pump for a pocket fragrance line, with the dropper for a face serums collection or with lip gloss or mascara applicators for make-up products.


Discover the Vip Squared, a bottles line designed to enhance prestige cosmetic and make-up formulas. For an even more unique and glam effect, it is possible to decorate the packs with endless customizations: from gradient varnishing, to metallization, acid etching and 3D inkjet. Discover our Vip Squared products: