Departure times, suitcases, and space-saving beauty cases. Daily, more consumers look for products with smart, miniature packaging – that they can always take with them!

The “beauty on the go” trend isn’t just during the summer. The lifestyles we lead, in fact, take us more and more away from home and there is a growing need to offer beauty products in miniature packaging that is functional and attractive.

Premi offers the practical Cilindro spray bottle in a small 10ml size, perfect for a handbag, a make-up kit, or carry on luggage.

Another Premi product, the VIP line, was created specifically for the luxury travel sector. The bottle, with a beautiful slim silhouette, can be combined with various accessories including spray pumps for precious liquid products like fragrances or roll-ons for more viscous products.

Premi’s catalogue offers a wide range of miniature and sample products to meet different market needs: a miniature size included in a travel set, a gift with purchase to be given to the consumer, or a sample to try before buying the product.