Premy Beauty Industries is one of the best cosmetic companies worldwide. It is primarily specialised in the development and the production of primary packaging for bottle lines intended for fragrance, skin-care, make-up and home fragrance. Premi Beauty Industries represents the ideal solution for all those companies and starts-up looking for a high-quality, exclusive and unique product.

Proficiency, cordiality and flexibility are essential traits that have made Premi Beauty Industries one of the leaders in the beauty sector. The company has been working with the most renowned brands of the cosmetic industry both in the national and international environment.

Premi Beauty Industries works in respect of the environment. It ensures sustainability by making an effort towards the research of sustainable materials. Premi counts on glass, a material that can be entirely recycled without compromising its quality. Furthermore, the company was one of the first to produce packaging lines using sustainable plastics, like PCR-PET and BIOBASED PE. We can’t overlook, in the end, the refillable packaging solutions, Airglass Slim Refill and Miracle Refill, which once again wink to the environment. Premi Beauty Industries is therefore able to create a perfect combination between production and conscious consumption of resources.

Thanks to the team of packaging technical experts, Premi Beauty Industries guarantees a high quality standard by producing high-quality packaging. This aspect has been certificated by UNI EN ISO 90001:2015 which recognises the company growth in the packaging sector and consequently in the cosmetic industry.

Premi Beauty Industries’ services for the customer

The range of services offered by Premi Beauty Industries allows its customers to personalise their beauty line by making it unique. The custom design service  is responsible for the development of unique products with an exclusive design while the semi-custom design service is the best alternative for clients who are looking for a unique product in a short-time. In fact, debossing and embossing are few techniques employed to obtain a unique product starting from an existing collection. Thanks to continuous investments in research and innovation, Premi Beauty Industries is able to create unique and exclusive decorations for packaging. Customers can benefit from the support of Premi Beauty Industries’ specialists during the selection phase for the most suitable refinement for the pack and material to achieve the best results.


The divisions of Premi Beauty Industries

Premi Beauty Industries offers a complete service starting from the creation of a cosmetic formula to the launch of the product on the market. The company is divided in four divisions: each section is responsible for a specific phase during the production process but at the same time they are all essential to the manufacturing of a successful product.

Premi Beauty Industries’ core business is run by the first division: Premi Packaging deals with all the services listed above to offer the customer a product with an exclusive design. Premi Studio supports Premi Beauty Industries in the development of packaging projects, while Premi Lab puts forward ready-to-go solutions by selecting, analysing and testing the most performing beauty formulas. Premi Digital helps the companies of the beauty sector to take advantage of digital tools to promote and place their products online.

Tecnologia Airless di Premi Beauty Industries

Premi Beauty Industries’ catalogue: packaging for all cosmetic lines

Premi Beauty Industries’ catalogue presents a wide range of packaging that can be customised and combined with their suitable accessories such as cups, flocked applicators, droppers, dispensers, cream pumps, spray pumps, flip top and so on.


For the fragrance line, Premi Beauty industries offers the following types of packaging which are mainly available in glass and plastic: sampling, travels and bottles


Even cosmetics need appropriate packaging in order to best preserve the product. Packaging developed by Premi Beauty Industries is the perfect solution because it takes in consideration these details. Products like Airless, Chubby & Stick, Compact & Palette, Mascara, Lip gloss, Lipstick are all available in different sizes and materials and can be combined with a wide choice of accessories.

A variety of packaging has been also realised for skin care products including Airless, Sanitiser bottles, Travels, and Roll-on for deodorants with an extra practical design. They are available in different materials (glass, plastic and acrylic) and in various sizes (100,50,30,15 ml). These products can also be combined with their suitable accessories.


Premi Beauty Industries also thinks about the home environment by offering different types of home fragrances packaging. They are mainly glass bottles of various forms (rectangular, cylindrical) and sizes (200, 100, 50 ml) that can be matched with their accessories.

Airless technology of Premi Beauty Industries

Airless bottles are a cutting-edge packaging that stand out from the mass thanks to the innovative dispensing system “without air”. This technology allows to preserve the cosmetics longer and helps to protect them from external contamination. It also helps to correctly dose the product avoiding wastes.


However, the true innovation is the mechanism of the Airglass Slim Refill containers tailor made by Premi. It is a special system which allows to reuse part of the packaging in order to reduce wastes. Don’t you worry, what’s not reusable is realized in a totally recyclable and absolutely sustainable material. A big saving for you and for the environment.


In addition, Airless bottles are available in different forms and sizes and allow products to be dispensed with a regular dosage thanks to the dispensing system. In this way, it is possible to avoid that waste that there would be with other types of packaging such as tottles and vases.