The times when the pharmacy was a sterile place for purchasing drugs and little else are far in the past. The pharmaceutical market is evolving under the eyes of  the public, and much of the change is being caused by the demands of an increasingly careful consumer who prioritises the safety and functionality of a pack, yet is unwilling to make sacrifices when it comes down to packaging appearance.

Bionike, a leading manufacturer of skincare products in the pharmaceutical sector, has chosen to work alongside Premi ahead of the launch of their new regenerating Myage line: a complete beauty treatment consisting of a day cream, serum, and night cream which deliver hydration, elasticity, and radiance to sensitive skin. Bionike has selected Premi’s precious Luxe glass line to package the products, and packs will be decorated using hot-stamping with an embossed Bionike logo embellishment on the lids.

Customisation options such as these are what uphold Premi as the ideal choice for brands who want to build their brand image through the customisation of small packaging details that truly make the difference.