Premi has created an ad hoc solution for small businesses that require packaging under 5,000 pieces.

Thanks to the distributor Stocksmetic, Premi will be able to meet the needs of everyone: for example, those who need to launch a new line, those starting to interface in the beauty world, small pharmacists with in-house laboratories, and also companies that are looking for packaging quickly for promotional marketing initiatives or to support the sales force.

Thanks to this new collaboration, Premi will give all these companies the opportunity to access high quality designer packaging. Stocksmetic offers a select catalog of products and accessories for the skin care, fragrance, and home fragrance sectors.

Customers can make their purchases online by accessing the Stocksmetic web site. Purchasing is easy and immediate, thanks to the support of a dedicated customer service team that is attentive to every customer’s needs at all stages of the purchase process.

The service is fast and flexible, with 400 items always available in stock with a guaranteed delivery in 3 to 5 days.