Throughout several years Perfume Holding has consistently selected Premi as a supplier for the development and manufacturing of their packaging. Synergy and being in tune are the keys that link this collaboration, which has marked the growth and expansion of both firms.

The collaboration has been challenging for Premi, which has always been able to take hold of the opportunities offered by one of the most important players in the beauty space.

Here, we take a look at aspects of this collaboration and some reflections on the development of the cosmetic market with the R&D and Supply Chain teams.


Premi: How was this lasting partnership born?

Perfume Holding: “We knew that Premi had great potential some time ago. Gradually, we increasingly entrusted more and more to your professionalism.

Flexibility, speed, and customer attention have made Premi a supplier to be trusted over the years and rewarded in the Price Performance section!”


Premi: What are the most significant projects you think we’ve faced together?

Perfume Holding: “Numerous projects have been developed together over the years, such as the last collection called “I Coloniali”, consisting of 34 skin care items. It’s a project that required the simultaneous management of multiple types of materials (in particular glass, plastic, wood) and highly challenging deadlines.

There was also the ‘Lovely U’ project for the Liu Jo fashion brand, where we had an elaborate decoration on the glass that followed the custom shape of the bottle (in 30, 50 and 100ml).

Another brand that we have been developing with the support of Premi is the Ferrari brand. Worth mentioning is the latest refinement, particularly valuable due to classic Ferrari Black decoration for the ‘Ferrari Forte’ line.”

  • Scuderia Ferrari FORTE
  • Scuderia Ferrari FORTE
  • Scuderia Ferrari FORTE


Price perfomance 2016


  • Liu-jo
  • Liu-jo
  • Liu-jo

Premi: How important is the role of suppliers to Perfume Holding? What are you looking for in a vendor?

Perfume Holding: “Suppliers are always key figures for the development and growth of a business. That is why it is essential that there are common growth goals in a partnership that is solid and lasting. In order for the collaboration to continue, as has happened with Premi, the supplier must demonstrate reliability, honesty, transparency, and even something we do not take for granted – good intentions”


Premi: Perfume Holding has an important story, can you share it?

Perfume Holding : “It was born in 2010 by inheriting strong know-how in the international landscape of the fragrance and cosmetic industry. Over the years we have built a portfolio of prestigious trademarks including Atkinsons 1799, I Coloniali, Morris, and licensed brands like Ferrari, Liu Jo, Bikkembergs, Iceberg, and Sergio Tacchini. We are currently one of the few players in beauty to offer a 360° approach and control from the creation to the distribution of the brand at the point of sale.

Certainly, a strong point in our business is the ‘Made in Italy’ seal. The heart of the company is based in Italy, specifically in Parma, a location recognized for its excellence in the production of perfumes”


I coloniali


Premi: Let’s discuss the ‘Made in Italy’ concept, which is a value that unites us. How is it still perceived? Is it a recognized hallmark for the consumer?

Perfume Holding : “The ‘Made in Italy’ is an added value that still dominates, even more so in the present era of globalization. We are not only referring to “Made in Italy” in terms of production located in our country, but as a perception of the product as a whole. Foreign markets, in fact, recognize Italy for its tradition of quality, craftsmanship, especially craftsmanship expressed in the world of luxury and fashion”


Price perfomance 2016

Premi: How is the Italian cosmetic industry today? What makes the difference for today’s consumer?

Perfume Holding: “Italy continues to represent a key global cosmetic market.
The Italian beauty industry is made up of small and medium-sized “reactive” companies that respond well to the ever-changing marketplace: both with regard to changes in consumer targeting, with millennials in the foreground, and for new sales channels that push more and more into the e-commerce, social, and digital domains.

Not only are Italian companies characterized by specialized knowledge obtained from an excellent combination of tradition and innovation, they advanced research, marketing, and new media professions”