The challenge facing brands today is that of responding to the needs of an increasingly demanding consumer, who has clear ideas about what he wants and whose choices are more difficult to influence.

This is why it is becoming increasingly important to pay acute attention to new market tastes and trends, enabling Premi to present innovative products that stand out from those offered by competitors in the beauty, skincare, make-up, and fragrance industries.

Premi Beauty Industries offers innovative 3D inkjet technology as a way of creating unique glass and plastic make-up packaging products; thanks to this technology, it is now possible to achieve a unique effect, pleasing to the eye, boasting a visual impact far superior to that of traditional decoration techniques. The decoration thus becomes one with the packaging, presenting the opportunity to reproduce high-definition graphics, and eradicating the need for brands to invest in a new mould. The duration of the development phase of the project is resultantly minimised, and products can be launched onto the market more quickly.