Over 15 years of experience in the packaging industry has led Cyndi Pereira, VP of Business Development for North America, to lead the Premi team in the USA. A business administration and marketing graduate, she began her professional career in the packaging sector as a Beauty Sales Director dealing with marketing activities for all product lines, including personal care and skin care. She continued her career working at important companies, covering managerial and strategic roles, and taking care of all the development processes of a cosmetic product, from design to formulation.

Her skills, combined with her passion for the beauty sector, have allowed Cyndi to be in contact with leading beauty brands.

“My lengthy experience”, she says, “has allowed me to establish excellent relationships in the industry.  I love the creative side of the business, I feel satisfaction throughout the birth and evolution of a project; from the development of the idea to the actual product launch.”

Premi is ready to enter the American market thanks to the experience gained by Cyndi in the sector and Premi’s know-how with regard to the development of beauty products.