Premi, Italy’s premier provider of primary packaging solutions, has released a new line of high end jars dedicated to the cosmetic and personal care sectors. The new Luxe family of products is designed to draw attention on the shelf and offer the consumer a piece of packaging that’s commensurate with the high expectations associated with a luxury product. The Luxe family, then, is a fitting line of packaging for any sort of top shelf cosmetic, cosmeceutical, or personal care items, especially those that offer a touch of luxury as a respite from standard, daily use products.

The Luxe family is available in two popular capacities (15ml and 50ml) that are appropriate for, respectively, focus treatment products and products that require a bit more application coverage. The firm is always willing to cater to special requests for tailored items, though. Best of all, Premi offers myriad closure options to ensure just the right look is achieved to match the client’s overall aesthetic appeal. Decoration options include industry standards like hot stamping and screen printing, but can also include a number of tactile or visual finishes, as well as metallization, custom colouring, and more. With the Luxe family, a company can create a full line of products suitable for its target market, easily distinguishable from competitors and as unique as the product it houses.