Pressure to live sustainably is heightening, even in the world of luxury packaging. Whilst it may be true that brands are becoming increasingly sensitive to the importance of promoting a natural and organic image, it is not always easy to find the ideal balance between the use of eco-friendly materials and the creation of high-end luxury beauty products. However, being both luxurious and ‘green’ is indeed possible. The recent Luxepack Monaco event saw numerous companies present their sustainable packaging proposals for products within the luxury sector. Premi joined them, presenting its latest eco-friendly innovations, such as the Pure 50ml jar and the Sky 30/50ml bottles, made from Green PE.

To complete the line, Premi is also offering cylindrical bottles with a capacity of 200-250 ml and 400ml. The Green PE is a type of plastic obtained from renewable sources, a common polyethylene made from sugar cane instead of oil. Moreover, the Green PE manufacturing process produces fewer carbon dioxide emissions than the traditional PE plastic – a demonstration of the fact that even packaging is becoming increasingly sustainable.