Reed diffuser bottles have become more and more popular as mainstay home fragrance items thanks to their ease of use and lasting ambient dispensing. Premi’s Essence glass bottle is the perfect choice for any firm seeking to market a home fragrance product with a heightened touch of elegance.

The Essence bottle, which is available in either 50ml or 100ml capacities, goes beyond simple utility and provides consumers with an attractive and luxurious element to add to their home décor. Along with many different decoration options for making the Essence bottle unique, Premi also offers a number of different sticks and caps to ensure brand individuation.

Part of the recent popularity of the reed diffuser is how simple a solution it is.
Reed or rattan sticks are placed into a scented oil that draw the liquid into the porous wood. The oil then evaporates into the ambient air and diffuses throughout the room. The intensity of the scent can be regulated very easily, it’s simply a question of putting more or less sticks into the oil.

Working with Premi, companies can develop reed diffusers that coordinate visual and olfactory impact to match consumers’ furnishings, lifestyles, or moods!