Premi, one of Italy’s leading producers of packaging concepts, has released a gorgeous new glass bottle line designed to offer fragrance producers an elegant and distinctive option. The Flex line, made of extremely high quality glass, offers excellent heft, crystal clear clarity, and a number of distinguishing decoration options to make the line one of the most appealing recent launches in the fragrance space.

The Flex bottle is a simple, rectangular glass bottle designed with one specific purpose in mind: to convey a feeling of luxury and competence when compared with other items in the category. The solid bottom gives it a hefty weight and luxurious, well-made feel.

Decoration is one of the keys to giving the Flex a unique presentation. Everything from metallic caps to printing on the bottle can be done, as Premi is recognized as a world leader with regard to developing just the right required look and flawless branding. Premi can even add small embellishments to the pack to really make it stand out, such as the quaint bow featured in the image or any number of added, distinguishing features.

Currently, the Flex line is offered in 50ml and 100ml capacities. The line is best matched with Premi’s Pure line of caps, made of thick and weighty ABS which can be coloured or decorated in any number of fashions, including full metallizing.