Elegance and design take shape in the Jingo bottle, designed for a refined and striking home fragrance line. The bottle is made up of two components: an external holder and a 50 ml bottle, which is screwed on allowing the product to be refilled in a simple and practical way. It is an eco-sustainable solution but at the same time a furnishing accessory that can make unique any kind of space.


One of the aspects that most distinguishes the Jingo bottle is the eco-sustainability concept. In addition to being refillable, it can be made with completely eco-friendly materials: the external holder can be produced in BIOBASED PP, a bioplastic obtained from renewable sources derived from sugar cane ethanol, while the refill bottle is made of PCR-PET, a material obtained from recycled packaging and put back on the market. This is an eco-friendly and design solution.


Jingo is a refillable packaging perfect for an home fragrance line, designed to give to the rooms a touch of design. To make it even more unique, you can personalize it with various types of decorations: from varnishing to screen-printing, up to an matt or semi-transparent finish, the choice can vary according to the style and mood that best suits your brand.