Serums are enjoying quite a time in the cosmetic market spotlight. They are products that are actively sought out by modern women who want a focused and effective treatment for skin. Everyone seems to be looking for a cosmeceutical solution to some sort of skin problem, from wrinkles to dry patches to uneven tones. Premi has created a full body dropper bottle to offer its customers a solution that is perfectly suited to delicate formulations, as well as fulfilling the dosing expectations required of consumers.

Many modern consumers, particularly women, use serums and apply day or night creams that offer a genuine curative effect for skin, especially when applied in a targeted fashion. Serums can improve the overall appearance of skin as well as focus on very specific issues, such as unwanted colouration, spots, a lack of brightness, texture issues, and imperfections.

The Snow Dropper is available as a combined pack with glass bottles in a number of capacities including 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml. It is the ideal packaging solution for high-end skin care treatments that are to be applied to the face and body. The precise dosing of the Snow Dropper allows the consumer to use just a few drops at a time of the valuable product contained within which can then be left to function or spread out over the skin.

The Snow Dropper isn’t limited to serums, though, it can also be used with a variety of other products, such as oils, foundation, or any other product that requires very precise and accurate dispensing. Its elegant style is perfect for luxury cosmetic or cosmeceutical products and can, of course, be customized using a variety of techniques at which Premi excels, such as metallization, hot stamping, and others.