Are you looking for the winning product for 2021 collections?

One of the beauty trends for 2021 will be the purity and energy of the world of water. One of the beauty trends for 2021 will be the purity and energy of the world of water. Premi Lab introduces the “ready to go” collection Panta Rhei, inspired by the colors and formulas of water: an emerald green packaging embellished with tactile effects that reproduce small drops of water on the surface.
Formula + packaging + trend, the winning combination of Premi Lab’s quick to market collections.


We selected for the Panta Rhei collection a mascara with a creamy texture and a very versatile formula; with its buildable application you can create different styles: curling effect at the first swipes, volumizing effect with some more work, up to an all-in-one effect. Lastly it is water-resistant but easily removable with lukewarm water. What to say more?


4 seductive colors in one pack! A combination of 2 back injected formulas : one matte and velvety, giving depth to your look, and the other one with a rich metallic or pearly finish. The most incredible combination, to make your look unforgettable! An elegantpaper palette envelopes the eyeshadows, for a sustainable beauty!


Freshness and purity are the main characteristics of Panta Rhei collection for women in reach of the sensoriality and energy of the water in its millenary flow. Premi Lab introducing a micellar water with a really delicate formula, suitable for both face and eyes. Its blend of natural active ingredients performs a hydrating and soothing activity on your skin, refreshing it in a unique way; the choice of surfactants also of natural origin makes the formulation mild, not aggressive at all. Our Luxe glass bottle with its slender shape emphasizes the elegance and charm of this collection.