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The secrets of metallization

05 / 2018

A cosmetic product, in order to be successful, must be studied in detail. Its packaging is definitely a detail that can’t be left out and plays a major role, as it must meet consumer and market needs. Packaging decoration is a fundamental element in making the product instantly recognizable and making it stand out among others.

Premi offers many decorating choices, including packaging metallization; a process that gives an original and sophisticated look to the final product thanks to the mirror effect. In the past, metallization was more commonly chosen to obtain higher brightness than what was achievable with a standard coating process. The latest trends, however, are seeing the combination of metallization with contrasting techniques, so as to further emphasize the product shininess and to make its decoration look more three-dimensional.

Thanks to a wide range of colours available and to the different levels of coverage achievable, at Premi we can meet any request from our customers when they wish to have a metallized product. The quality of Premi’s decoration techniques is guaranteed by the presence of our staff from the beginning to the end of the process, preventing any critical upstream.

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