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Sample delivery in 24 hours

05 / 2018

24 hours sampling delivery serviceThe delivery of samples within 24 hours of a customer's request is one of the most important services that Premi offers.

The goal is to support customers in the decision-making stage of the packaging selection process, reducing time-to-market of the product.

All requests are handled by our sample department, where we employ a team of professionals that are always prepared to listen and to respond to every customer need.

Sampling department

We always make sure to get as many details as possible when we engage the customer on that first fulfilment call


"Every request that we receive is a priority to us," said Jalila, the head of Premi’s sample department. "The sample request management process is organized so that our customers receive exactly what they need to make their final choice as quickly as possible."

"We aim to meet the specific needs of clients in a timely manner, studying their needs in depth, the specifications of the product, and all the details related to the actual packaging requirements,” she said. "We constantly work on the organization of our daily work and pay attention to each detail of the requests we receive."

Packaging samples delivery
Premi sampling service

We consider customer satisfaction our top priority. Our goal is to make sure that the client receives what they want and what they need.



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