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Colour: Premi helps you make the right choice, thanks to the new Colour Centre

05 / 2018

Colour is an integral part of the aesthetic experience. Nothing attracts the eye and captivates the imagination in quite the same way as colour. Whether it's a correlation to a sense memory, or a deep and ingrained cultural connection, colour that is bright, brilliant, and beautiful is something we actively seek and enjoy.

At its headquarters, in its innovative showroom, Premi provides its customers with an entire area dedicated exclusively to colour selection, with the possibility of choosing from just about every Pantone value available.

Selecting the right shade is key when it comes to defining the right packaging. Colour plays an incredibly important role by evoking precise sensations in consumers. Greens and browns are reminiscent of the natural and the organic whereas blues and whites evoke feelings of calm and cleanliness.

Our Colour Centre is the perfect place to create special packaging.

It is an experience that is one of a kind where, in synergy with our team of technicians and designers, you can select and witness the development of your packaging in the correct colours and finishes in real time, significantly reducing the time to market.

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