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Premi takes a look at inkjet printing

05 / 2018

Premi's decoration division is always active, constantly researching and developing new technologies to provide tangible, added value to customers. Among its many decoration options, Premi offers inkjet printing on its glass products.

A short time ago, inkjet printing was introduced as a new and innovative method for printing on packaging surfaces. An improvement on previous methods, inkjet printing enables firms to decorate packaging items throughout short and flexible printing runs, providing the ability to create gorgeous designs on all sorts of surfaces, whether concave or convex, as well as more complex, three dimensional shapes.

Inkjet technology, when applied to packaging, has come a long way. Now, packaging components can be printed upon directly to create a number of effects and styles, and tend to use colours that are highly resistant to UV degradation.

Key benefits to the company taking advantage of inkjet printing include quick and flexible bottle decoration, the use of less raw materials for the print process, and branding or marketing benefits related to printing on surfaces or zones that were previously inaccessible using standard printing methods as well as the possibility of printing very detailed images, such as photos, with accuracy.

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