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Premi's Vantage range: shape defines elegance

05 / 2018

The Premi team is always looking for attractive solutions that can satisfy the most demanding consumer.

The Vantage range, a new concept Premi has recently developed, offers a compelling design, with a slightly elliptical shape that is ideal for high-end cosmetic packaging.

Packaging is an important aspect in the development of a new product, it affects the purchasing decisions of consumers and represents an extension of the brand. The shapes used by luxury cosmetic brands are becoming increasingly sophisticated and reflect the refinement of the formulations contained within. Further, brands are often linked to the various elements used in their packaging concepts, one of the most important of these being shape. The Vantage line, in this sense, is an ideal packaging solution, combing elegance with eye-catching shelf appeal.

The elliptical shape also offers an improved ergonomic experience while giving the consumer the best in Italian design. Currently, the Vantage line includes glass jars with capacities of 15ml up to 50ml, a 30ml glass bottle, and plastic bottles from 125ml up to 200ml. The line is perfect for launching a full beauty product brand that includes several different products or perhaps updating a brand in need of some attention.

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