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Premi's use of Zamak in high quality packaging

05 / 2018

Premi's research and development division is constantly looking for new and interesting material options to keep the firm at the forefront of innovation. In line with new market trends and the increasing number of customers seeking novel material options, Premi uses Zamak to create upscale packaging solutions.

Zamak is a perfect material for adding value to just about any cosmetic or fragrance brand. The material can add much need polish and sheen to a packaging concept or can be affixed to another component to provide a good amount of heft and to make the product more luxurious.

The material is an incredibly flexible metal alloy that can readily be injection moulded, providing endless possibilities for design.

When it comes to creating a distinctive and unique look for luxury brands, combining Zamak as a material with Premi's extensive decoration experience is an excellent choice for providing a distinctive and appealing look that really turns consumer heads.

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