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Premi releases the lovely Quadri line of fragrance bottles

05 / 2018

Recognized as a market leader with regard to full service packaging solutions, Italian firm Premi has released a new standard line for fragrances. The new Quadri line of fragrance bottles provides companies with the ability to select a simple and elegant fragrance bottle that can be decorated to fit into an existing line or to become the elegant and characteristic foundation of a new product launch.

As the name suggests, Quadri is a square format bottle made of the highest quality glass on the market. The name also suggests the level of artistry required to make the bottles, as "quadri" can be translated into "paintings". The new bottles certainly are fit for a gallery, with the glass used offering a luminescence and level of brilliance that's difficult to match.

Available in popular capacities of 50ml and 100ml, the bottles can be paired with a number of Premi's best closures, normally made of ABS that can be decorated in any number of ways to make them stand out and draw the consumer's attention. The caps featured on promotional images are completely metalized, offering a high-end look without resorting to more costly materials. Premi is also able to offer its incomparable design and engineering service to offer clients the option of creating a tailor-made closure in line with existing branding or to come up with a totally new concept.

Decoration options for the bottles include industry standards such as hot stamping and screen printing, as well as a number of techniques that Premi has developed that go beyond the conventional, including numerous types of coatings, different surface print techniques like laser or inkjet printing, and more. Regardless of the sort of aesthetic appeal required, Premi can take the project from its fledgling design phase all the way through to final delivery, offering the client firm as much guidance as desired.

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