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Premi releases its new Eau line of bottles

05 / 2018

The new Eau line by Premi offers a gorgeous water drop shape, resulting in a bottle that is perfect for any luxury fragrance brand.

The new Eau line manages to present a fresh and fashionable design that is well-suited to the luxury market. The bottle is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml capacities, making it ideal for a high street fragrance brand.

The Eau line is produced of the highest quality glass and features a thick bottom that makes the product look elegant and precious. The customer’s perception is of a well-crafted, luxurious product.

The bottles in the Eau line can be paired with a vast number of Premi's caps and accessories and can be decorated using a number of techniques to create truly dazzling and unique products.

Find out more about the Eau bottles visiting our product catalogue.


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