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Premi releases a 10ml version of Cilindro for the on-the-go crowd

05 / 2018

Premi's latest addition to the Cilindro line is a small, 10ml travel version perfect for throwing into a purse, make up kit, or travel bag. Though the small format takes up little room, it still manages to offer excellent dispensing for fragrances and other liquid products thanks to Premi's advanced engineering.

The miniature sized bottle is perfect for a number of fragrances or scented liquids, made of glass that's both stunningly clear and highly resistant. The design of the 10ml bottle is similar to the rest of the Cilindro family, with an elegant and flat silhouette that offers a large amount of space for surface decoration and that lends itself well to customizations.

For consumers on-the-go, Premi's new 10ml Cilindro is the perfect choice for taking about their favourite fragrances in a fashionable piece of packaging!

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