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Premi presents Pulse and Passion, two complementary lines

05 / 2018

In order to ensure companies have the means to offer a full brand line, Premi has released two complementary packaging ranges for personal care products, tapering in opposite directions. The Pulse and Passion ranges are simple and elegant containers designed to create a luxurious appearance that appeals to discerning consumers.

Both lines are available in 150ml and 200ml capacities, with  a  20/400 neck,  and can be paired with Premi's excellent flip top closures or dispensing tops, such as Girotondo cream and spray pumps.

The Passion line is designed with a wide base that tapers to a slightly smaller top while the Pulse line is the opposite, starting of a with a still ample base that slightly widens up near the bottle neck. The minimalist feel of the bottles means that they are excellent for a wide array of product and lend themselves well to as much or as little decoration as the brand requires.

Made of easily recyclable and durable HDPE, the bottles are a sure bet for firms seeking to release a full personal care or cosmeceutical brand line that includes such things as creams, serums, gels, and more. Available decoration options including custom colouring, and Premi's silk-screening and hot-stamping.

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