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Premi introduces a new 30ml size to its Luxe line

05 / 2018

The latest trend in beauty is to offer consumers all-in-one skin and body care formulations that are designed to perform a number of functions simultaneously, such as moisturization, soothing tender areas, or treating premature ageing. Foundation cosmetic products have followed suit, moving closer and closer to becoming complete skin care solutions rather than simple make up items. These days, foundations aren't just about colour, they are also enriched with treatment ingredients that not only refrain from injuring skin, they care for it.

The new Luxe 30ml glass bottle is perfectly suited to this wide array of skin care formulations. Available with a pump spray or cream-dropper, the Luxe 30ml bottle is an ideal packaging solution for just about every skin care application imaginable, from treatments for the face and eyes through to foundations.

The Luxe glass line, including the new 30ml size, is a perfect item for prestige and luxury lines, offering a heavy bottom that provides the consumer with the right amount of heft, conveying the feeling of a well made, solid product. The elegance of the bottle's silhouette not only stands out on the shelf, it offers a large size impression. The number of decoration possibilities are endless, ranging from industry standards like hot stamping and screen printing through to more complex techniques which Premi is well equipped to offer, such as numerous visual or tactile finishes, metallization, or specialized custom colouring.

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