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Premi extends the Pure line with a 100ml glass version

05 / 2018

Premi presents a new glass bottle in a 100ml capacity as an expansion of the Pure line, featuring high quality glass. The bottle has a 20/400 neck and is available with either Ice or Girotondo pumps in spray or cream versions and with the Girotondo screw cap.

The new Pure size is an elegant yet solid addition to the line, perfect for just about any personal care product, especially those dedicated to skin or body care.

The Pure line, including the new capacity, provides companies with the ability to create a full line with a number of capacities and options to suit new brands or existing product lines requiring an upgrade to their existing packaging. Each of the containers in the Pure line can be topped with pumps, sprays, flip tops, droppers, and more, according to the specific dispensing requirements of the product and the selection of the container.

All of Premi's items can be rendered unique through myriad decoration options, including component metallization, hot stamping, silk screen printing, and more.

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