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Premi expands the Porto line, achieving new levels of elegance in both PET and glass

05 / 2018

One of the primary concerns when designing a new piece of packaging is the material to be used. Some are better suited to specific products due to their compatibility or barrier properties, while others offer better weight or clarity to entice the consumer and showcase the product correctly. The new items available within the Porto line manage to offer all these benefits through the selection of PET as a base material, along with impeccable styling and contemporary Italian design.

PET offers a number of apparent advantages with regard to producing a piece of packaging. It's level of clarity is incomparable within the scope of commercial polymers, approaching that of well-cut glass. Further, PET can be shaped as thinly or as thickly as required such that the heft of the product can be compared with glass as well. This is important to consumers as they expect a good, solid feel to a luxury product though they prefer PET's ability withstand household mishaps without shattering.

The new bottles in the Porto line do an excellent job of uniting all PET's benefits (compatibility, resilience, and clarity), allowing Porto the ability to cover two beauty product types: fragrances and treatment creams or gels. Currently, Porto comes in three glass container sizes ideal for fragrances (30ml, 50ml, and 100ml) and two new, larger sizes in PET (300ml and 500ml), ideal for thin creams and gels that lend themselves well to being directly poured.

The Porto line is a great concept for either traditional female or emerging male cosmetic lines, with all items available in the same style, regardless of whether it's an eau de parfum or aftershave in the smaller glass containers or a skin balm, body wash, shower gel, or hair product in any of the larger PET containers. Really, with all five sizes at a company's disposal, it's easy to create a full line for a new brand or to update an existing one.

The neck sizes of each of the new items in the line are a standard 24/410, meaning the bottles can be matched with all sorts of closure options available from Premi. A suggested pairing is Premi's aluminium closure.

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