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Millenials and the Selfie Craze

01 / 2019

The selfie craze, popular with all age groups, has taken the world by storm, and, if the beauty industry wants to keep up with the times and the desires of consumers, it can no longer afford to neglect this trend.

In order to stimulate the interest of new and future consumers (millenials who necessitate perfection in order to be able to take selfies at any time), beauty brands feel the pressure to match the speed of the fast-paced market movements.

Generation Y increasingly expects personalisation as part of the Beauty product experience, and, what’s more, demands this with immediate results.

This explains the increasing popularity of products that leave your skin looking brighter and younger within ten minutes of application, guaranteeing a youthful luminosity even after a sleepless night.

Today’s most fashionable products are those which offer specialised solutions or those that respond better to the personal needs and new lifestyles of this younger generation.

Evidence suggests millennials have a particular penchant for correcting and luminating creams, which deliver a similar effect to those of face creams, but within a shorter time, guaranteeing bright and smooth skin straight away.

Young women desire functional products which are easy to use, deliver immediate results, and are also comfortable to carry around.

In order to respond to the needs of these new and increasingly discerning young consumers, Premi presents its new Pocket line: three airless bottles available in capacities of 10, 15, and 30ml, and suitable for packaging correcting, illuminating, and boosting creams. The Pocket line is a practical and easily portable solution which enables users to maintain a flawless appearance all day long.

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