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Are you fashion or green? Green wins!

05 / 2018

The I Love Green product is the winner of our “Are You Fashion or Green?” survey.

This result confirms the strong trend toward green cosmetics: bio, green, organic are the terms that are most used in the world of beauty today!

Green isn’t just the trendy colour of 2017 (“Greenery” is the official Pantone hue of 2017), it also represents a desire to reconnect with nature, embracing a lifestyle that is in harmony with and respectful of our environment.

Selecting natural cosmetics is no longer a niche phenomenon: more and more consumers are expanding their search for cosmetics in line with this tendency.

It seems that "less is more" is a general formulation rule, with few ingredients of natural origin. Even in the packaging sector, there is reduction taking place with constant attention given to the use of sustainable materials. Sometimes, the look of eco-packaging seems poorly crafted, but Premi’s "I Love Green - Shower Scrub", developed entirely by Team Premi, does not surrender a sophisticated design for eco-friendly materials, including a Green PE bio-plastic bottle and a closure made of beech wood.

The secondary packaging is comprised of a cardboard tube covered with FSC paper and two beech wood closure elements. Its shape has been designed for reuse as a cup for holding pens, markers, paint brushes, and more.

In order to meet the ever-growing need for sustainable packaging, all PEHD bottles are also available in a Green PE version. In a market that is increasingly sensitive to the issue of environmental protection, the choice of a Green Bottle by Premi clearly demonstrates the commitment and support of a brand to sustainability.

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