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Premi releases the 10ml VIP bottle, in spray and roll-on versions

05 / 2018

Premi has released the VIP line, specifically designed for travellers that wish to take their favourite fragrances or treatment products with them when they're on the go.

The VIP line was specifically designed for the luxury travel item market, offering a gorgeous, slim silhouette that can be the focal point of a new brand launch. The bottle can be paired with either Premi's atomizing sprayer for precious liquid products like fragrances or with a roll-on top for more viscous products that require even coverage and smooth, gliding application.

The glass used for the bottles is of the finest quality on the market, a heavy base that gives the proper amount of heft to the bottle and providing the consumer with the feeling of a well-crafted, luxurious product.

The VIP travel sprayer/roll-on also offers a lot of surface area for decoration, so companies can include as much eye-catching branding as required.

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