We are delighted to present the newest addition to the Miracle collection: its 15 ml jar! This luxury collection is characterized by glass jars with a timeless shape, a design studied in detail to achieve a prestigious balance between elegance and sturdiness. To complete our “infinite glass perfection” collection we have the 50 ml and the Refill 50 ml jars!


The Miracle Refill jar 50 ml is the ideal solution to create a win-win product: brands can offer a sustainable pack whose demand keeps increasing by the day and consumers can carry on taking care of themselves without compromising on their love for the environment!

The Refill Cup fits perfectly in the Miracle Refill jar and it is easy to remove allowing customers to keep using the jar forever by purchasing their favorite products’ refills!


The Miracle jar 50 mlhas an important size impression and a thick bottom and it is made with top level quality glass! In this picture we decorated the Miracle jar 50 ml with pink metallization to match its cap. The countless vertical lines and the Miracle logo are embossed with a 3D inkjet decoration which creates a playful game of light and a unique tactile experience. By balancing different decoration techniques we will create an exclusive pack for your brand!