The The Makeup in Glass collection is comprised of the Vip 5 and 10 ml glass bottles with 13/415 neck and a multitude of matching accessories: flocked applicators, roll-ons, droppers, and mascara brushes allow you to create a well-rounded makeup line or different kit sets with eye, lip and face products!


Vip glass bottles are 100% recyclable and therefore ideal for respecting the environment without sacrificing a glam touch. Here, they have been customized with shiny, matte, or semi-transparent varnishing and screen printing calling out the application area of the product itself.

The formulas showcased range from lip and eye products to concealers and serums for the face selected, analyzed, and tested by our Premi Formula team in collaboration with the major market players in the cosmetic industry.


The Vip glass bottles are highly versatile packaging with an eye-catching and difficult-to-forget design. Thanks to their slim shape and thick glass bottom, they are ideal for prestige look products and offer a perfect application experience.

The matching applicators are available with capsules of different sizes and materials: you can choose between the Vip and Extra Vip aluminum caps and the brand new Re Vipcap, a capsule made entirely of PP that can be produced with 50% maximum of PCR-PP.