Discover the Loose Powder collection, our line of sifters dedicated to free powder beauty products. Available in three different sizes – 45/400, 60/400, 66/400 – our sifters can be combined with a wide range of glass jars and are ideal for powder make-up formulas such as foundation, blush, bronzer and pure pigments.


The easily removable sifter can be separated from the glass jar, allowing the different packaging components to be recycled: the ideal solution to create an eco-friendly packaging collection that respects the environment.

Our siftersare ideal accessories for a loose powder product collection that combines practicality and elegance. Available in different colors, they can be combined with design glass jars that can be decorated according to the brand’s image. In this case, the acid etched glass packaging is characterized by a refined pink stone effect varnishing combined with gold hot stamping: the result is a unique and super glamorous pack!

Discover Loose Powder Collection: