Hypno Vibes is boldness, irreverence and radiance. It’s a ready-to-go collection that combines iconic packagings with bold formulas: the stroke and surprising result is ideal for a total crazy look Like a lively and exciting night, the packagings of Hypno Vibes collection are characterized by vibrant contrasts. Formula + packaging + trend: the winning combination with the completed compatibility and stability tests.


The oriental and solar Hypno Vibes fragrance catch the senses with the sensual blend of white jasmine and patchouli that awakens all the hidden feelings in a dazing and powerful way. The face cream is a combination of a cream and a serum that provides an immediate fresh and light water bomb effect, leaving a pleasant feeling of nourishment and comfort.


The Hypno Vibes lips and eyes products are a mix and match of colors with a dazzling effect. In the eyeshadows palette each color represents a combination of technology and performance, from the super sparkly finish of the yellow to the supreme and intense black one. Instead, the three different formulations of the lipsticks take care of the lips with their nourishing ingredients. With a matt or a super sparkling effect, they are comfortable to wear and perfect for a glamorous look.


Thanks to the fillers such as hyaluronic acid, plumping peptides and Vitamin C, the primer is able to smoothen the skin perfectly, creating the base to apply the foundation without any imperfection. On the other hand, the foundation texture is really elastic and is able to adhere to the profile of the face, smoothing down the fine lines. Light to medium coverage, thefinish is really matte and natural and it has long-lasting and no-transfer properties.