Essential in every makeup collection, the foundation is a must-have for every beauty addict! Premi Lab has created a selection of best-performing liquid foundation already matched with the packaging, bottles and accessories, selected by the test of compatibily, the best suitable dispensing of the formula and the design. This selection is just a little part of the “ready-to-go” solutionscollected in the Premi Lab library.


30 ML
A square and timeless design.
Anti-age smooth illusion
Full coverage and a smooth, matte finish. It contains special raw materials ensuring long lasting properties and soft-focus effect all day long!


30 ML
A 30 ml glass bottle with an iconic shape… a real must-have
Be matte
A good coverage and a blurring effect, for a smooth and even complexion. The texture perfectly adheres and sets,staying in place for a long time.


20 ML
Sleak and sophisticated packaging, available in different sizes.
Liquid Moisturizing
A liquid emulsion that covers the imperfections making the skin perfectly even and matte. Thanks to the silicones it contains, this foundation glides on the skin, leaving a silky touch to it.


30 ML
A slim glass packaging, captivating and with square shape.
Sensitive SPF Serum
A flawless soft covering serum foundation, enriched with sun protection filter. Able to smoothen the complexion, giving an impalpable coverageto it and a weightless feeling to the skin at the same time.