Discover new Foamy 150 ml, the first foamer in glass on the market, it is 100% recyclable, inert and the glass bottle can be decorated in infinite ways. In this case, we choose a matt semi-transparent varnishing which reveals the purple color of the formula, and a white screen printing to match the foam pump.
Foamy is an eco-friendly packaging as it can be completely disassembled, allowing the consumer to recycle all the components by material (glass, PP and PETG).


Foamy 150 mlis paired with “Easy to Mousse”, a delicate and fluffy cleansing formula:

  • it’s vegan, made up of 90% natural origin ingredients
  • rose water and hamamelis extract make it perfect for impure skins
  • it’s rich in natural anti-oxidants such as blueberry extract and green tea water
  • being a foaming cleanser, water is needed just for rinse off without any excess waste

This formula + packaging combination has been chosen from the Premi formula’s library, within which we find a selection made by a team of formula experts in collaboration with the main players within the market.


For this primary packaging, a tear open box has been designed by Premi Studio and realized in matt coated paper printed with 4 colors and glossy uv on selected elements. The graphics used on the secondary pack recall the product formula both for the color and the clouds that depict its foamy texture.