Say hello to our Mounty and Mountain dispensers with 24/410 neck. These accessories can be combined with many plastic and glass bottles from our catalog and they are ideal for products of different textures and applications: liquid soaps, facial cleansers, lotions and sun creams for the body but also shower gels and hair products.

Available in different colors, both standard and custom, with a ring in PP or covered with aluminum, these dispensers are the key accessories for personal care lines.


The Mounty dispenser is available with a 24/410 neckwith safety clipand a dosage of 650 mcl.


The Mountain dispenser is available with a 24/410 neck and a dosage of 650 mcl. It can be safely locked by rotating the actuator.


On this occasion, the Mounty and Mountain dispensers have been combined with our Heavy and Pure bottles made of three-layer PCR-HDPE, with two outer layers of HDPE that allow the aesthetic appearance of the product to be maintained. Here, all the bottles have been made in matte master sand color and decorated with white screen printing, color matching the accessories.