Paglieri has turned to Premi to enrich its line of Paglieri 1876 fragrances. The six unisex scents are reminiscent of the artistic heritage of Italian cities of unparalleled beauty. Each bottle contains an eau de parfum that represents the place from which it takes its name, like the floral and woody notes of Venetiae or the oriental spice notes of Agrigentum.

Premi made available its knowledge of inkjet printing to give the bottles a unique and refined look. Each bottle has been decorated at the bottom with a texture that is inspired by the region it represents. Amalphia, for example, provides a visual experience that suggests its fresh floral and citrus notes, portraying the typical decorated tiles of the Amalfi coast.

Premi’s experience and expertise in the production of inkjet decoration meant that the process of production occurred in a timely and efficient manner with excellent results.

Thanks to the many techniques available to us, such as hot stamping, metallization, laser engraving, and many others, we were able to enrich the company’s standard packaging, making it a unique and exclusive.