The Heavy bottle, one of Premi’s flagship products, has taken the gold! Premium Italian brand Giuliani chose this bottle for their Bioscalin Signal Revolution product that was honoured with the 2017 Innovation Award during the latest edition of Cosmofarma, a world leading event for the pharmaceutical sector and relevance to health and beauty care in Europe that took place in Bologna, Italy the past April.

The right choice of finishes and the supreme level of technology of the accessories (pumps, sprays, etc.) ensure high-performance product evacuation.

The high aesthetic value of the Heavy 100ml glass bottle is perfect for positioning an item as a premium product. Its consistency guarantees perfect formula protection.

The satin coating layer, with its intense blue to opaline glass gradient, creates a pleasant technical effect, as if to partially reveal the technology inside it. Everything is made more precious through satin gold screen-printing: the bottle shines in all its expert beauty.

The Snow dropper completes the pack, offering perfect product application and the choice of the dropper in nitrile rubber, an innovative material known for its resistance to new formulations. It guarantees durability and safety for every sort of application. The Snow overcap preserves the product and the use of blue satin-coloured decoration completes a perfect pack for a contemporary product line.

The Premi team is very proud to have contributed in the production of this product for the Bioscalin brand, and thanks Giuliani for choosing us for the development of this project!

Discover our “Heavy” bottle and “Dropper Snow” in the Premi catalogue: