Beauty Reverse is the new 5 ml glass jar suitable for Make up and Skincare products. Did you know that the Beauty Reverse pack is inspired by its shape? Thanks to its rounded design and transparent glass, the jar allows you to turn upside down and see the color of the formula.


This new pack has been studied and designed to highlight formulations thanks to its transparent glass jar. The pack allows unlimited customizations: both the lid and the ring can be made in different colors, with glossy, matt or metallic finish; moreover, the glass jar can be varnished or metalized giving the pack a glam and unique look.


The Beauty Reverse is ideal for cream lipstick & lipgloss, eyeshadow, concealer, highlighter, eye contour. The rounded shape makes the Beauty Reverse strongly eye-catching and pleasant, enhancing the brand to the maximum. Pratical and super glam: thanks to the glam design, it will be love at first sight. Discover our Beauty Reverse: Beauty Reverse