A cosmetic manufacturer for all needs

Premi Beauty Industries is a cosmetic manufacturer and specialised in the development and the production of primary and secondary packaging. Premi Beauty Industries’ experts are at a complete disposal to support clients during the entire decisional process: starting from the phase of the product conception to its market launch. Indeed, Premi Beauty Industries’ aim is to bring additional value and distinctive character to every brand.

From cosmetic manufacturer to customer focus

Premi Beauty Industries addresses cosmetic companies and starts-up whose goal is the launch of cosmetics lines dedicated to fragrances, skincare, make-up and home fragrances looking for originality and uniqueness. The team puts its passion and professionalism to meet any request of clients and provide a successful product.

The core business characterising Premi Beauty Industries is the production of primary and secondary packaging for beauty products. Premi Beauty Industries offers its clients a wide selection of standard packaging collections in different materials. On the Premi Beauty Industries’ catalogue are provided different solutions that meet any stylistic needs. The Premi Beauty team will help clients to find the perfect combination between style and material with the aim of satisfying each customer’s request in the best possible way.

A complete service for cosmetic packaging

Premi Beauty Industries’ clients can benefit from various services that will allow them to customise and make their beauty line unique. The personalisation of the packaging belongs to the activity’s background, while the strength lies in the attention to details and the carefulness in materials’ selection.  


Semi-custom design

Premi Beauty Industries offers the service of semi-custom design to the clients looking for the launch on the market of the final product in a short time. Starting from a packaging belonging to an already existing collection, the semi-custom service’s aim is to provide a final packaging in a short time. By employing debossing and embossing techniques, Premi Beauty Industries will create small details on your packaging that will bring additional value and a sense of uniqueness. 



Premi Beauty Industries makes unique and exclusive decorations of packaging which are the results of continuous investments in research and innovation. In addition to the traditional techniques such as varnishing, foil stamping, screen printing, tampography and metallization, clients could opt for innovative techniques making the packaging exclusive. Furthermore, clients can select the packaging’s typology from Premi Beauty Industries’ wide catalogue; however, if they did not find a standard solution that suits their needs, the Premi Beauty team would be glad to create fully customised solutions. Afterwards, Premi Beauty Industries’ specialists will provide complete assistance ensuring that the final packaging and the material chosen reflect clients’ needs. 



By using the custom design service the industrial designers carry out unique projects with an exclusive design. Premi Beauty Industries’ team will provide to any clients specific solutions by analysing their requests, taking care of any detail and analysing previously the process’ limits. From the brief to the render 3D proposals, Premi Beauty Industries recommend their client the solutions that best suit their needs. 


Not only packaging: Not only packaging: there are other services from Premi Beauty Industries to discover!

Premi Beauty Industries assistance does not include only a proposal of the suitable packaging. Thanks to specialists, experts in all the beauty industry sectors, Premi Beauty Industries offers a complete service starting from the creation of a cosmetic formula to the product launch on the market. The company is divided into four divisions, each of which refers to a different phase. They are all essential for the manufacturing of a successful product. 

Firstly, the core business is run by Premi Packaging which provides all the services to offer the client a product with an exclusive design. Premi Studio is able to support Premi Beauty Industries in the development of packaging projects.The Premi Lab division provides ready-to-go solutions by selecting, analysing and testing the best performing beauty formulas. Finally, Premi Digital helps companies in the beauty sector to take advantage of the digital tools to promote and place their own products online.

A worldwide cosmetic manufacturer for any need

Thanks to the professionalism, dedication and quality of its work, Premi Beaty Industries has become a referent point in the beauty sector. It currently operates worldwide with the most renowned brands of the cosmetic industry.

The attention and the care does not address only the client, but also to the attention for the environment. In fact, apart from the specialisation in glass packaging, Premi Beauty Industries offers solutions of sustainable packaging in a variety of eco-friendly materials which are suitable for sustainable cosmetic lines. Premi Beauty Industries pays attention to every single need in order to offer a final product that satisfies the client and has great success on the cosmetic market. 

For further information Premi Beauty Industries invites anyone to visit its website; the teams of experts will be at complete disposal to answer any question.