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Spotlight on Premi's Technical Director

05 / 2018

Here at Premi, we're often asked how we can create 360° packaging solutions that fully represent the identity of a brand starting from a simple brief. This is a question answered by the team led by Technical Director Alessio Caramella, that works daily to meet the needs of customers with regard to design, prototyping, and cost.

The team is a group of professionals with vast know-how, experience, and talent that follows the different phases of the project: from the development of the concept, to the creation of prototypes, molds, and samples, through to when the final model takes shape and is ready for production on a large scale.

The different phases are controlled and coordinated by Alessio. "The passion, the experience, and the team's work," he says, "have allowed me to respond to customer needs over the years, often anticipating them. My job is to follow the birth of a new piece of packaging step by step, suggesting the most efficient and effective way to create it."

A strong predisposition to problem solving allows Alessio and his team to offer a fast and high quality service, with savings in terms of time and resources.

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